Tan Vision is proud to say that we are Holland’s #1 Tanning salon!

We credit our success to our investment in top of the line equipment and bulbs.

We have the Power if you want the Tan!

We use Ruva Power Bulbs, which have shields built into them, yielding 60% more light. FDA test results show that the Ruva bulbs were able to produce 100 percent of their power in less than three minutes, versus eight minutes with non-shielded bulbs.

At Tan Vision, you pay one low price, and then…get ready for the tan of your life in no time!

Because of the premium bulbs we use, most customers are able to get the tan they want in just 15 minutes a day, three days a week. Perfect for that busy schedule!

Sunless Option
Norvell Spray Tan

Regular or Competition

Tan Vision, of Holland Michigan, has a clean, classy facilities with certified, friendly staff. They are open long hours to cover all three work shifts. Making it convenient for you to pop in for a tan before work, during your lunch break, or after work.

We have had many compliments from our customers for being the cleanest, most organized and most honest tanning salon in Holland.

Customer feedback is very important to us.

Tan Vision also sells a lotion’s with “unbelievable results.” And once you have purchased the lotion, we will tag it and store it for you at room temperature, prolonging the life of the lotion.

So if you’re ready to radiate the sun with a great tan all year long, check us out today and make us your #1 tanning salon. You’ll be glad you did!

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